Dreaming In Unison

by Red Cosmos

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Dreaming In Unison is Red Cosmos’ second album.

These 12 songs give a voice to fantasists, freaks, dead twins, popstars past their sell-by-date, the deluded, the bereft and the downright horny.


released May 26, 2015

All songs written and recorded by Kim Tortoise.

Mastered by Mike Marsh at The Exchange.

Contact: kimtortoise@hotmail.com


Friends and family:

“I haven’t listened to it yet.”
“I look forward to hearing it when it’s mixed properly”
“Sounds like A Flock Of Seagulls.”
“…loses its sense of direction, leaving the listener floundering in a formless morass of sounds.”


- wildly schizophrenic
- essentially a comedy single about balls
- extremely catchy hook which was deeply stupid
- His voice is strange, adenoidal and flat
- It’s mental and left me speechless
- He can write lyrics but he can’t really sing.
- a truly awful and irredeemably bad piece of music
- inadvisable sampler action the likes of which you haven’t heard since 1982.
- …but then he starts singing the chorus in such a ghastly contrived style that I am forced to throw my headphones across the room and slap my own ears.
- the album seems to go on and on and on
- long periods of monotonous electronica
- strange peripheral noises that don’t seem to be part of the song
- impenetrable and not particularly user friendly
- this isn't helped by vocals that have a default setting of bored and flat
- a heck of a lot of truly average music
- Red Cosmos is just about worth persevering with.


- Possibly one of the daftest tunes I’ve ever played
- It’s weird music that I mostly hate


-Dunno whether to get up and dance or headbut my comp..
- I'm confused, but not in a bad way




Red Cosmos York, UK

"Red Cosmos might be the kind of band to drown fish just for the perverse pleasure of seeing if they can."

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Track Name: Kindred
I am with you at your bedside
Staring at you while you sleep
Your face serene and unconsumed by pain
I am waiting very patiently for you to be no more
So we can be together once again

There’s a name
Buried deep within your mind
Of a correlation vanished over time
There’s a tale
How you grew to laugh and shine
With a bloodless elfin beauty that should be mine

Is that movement
At the corner of your eye?
A hazy shadow dancing in the light
You won’t appease my longing
With a man lying by your side
I need the love that you alone provide

There’s a note
And it hangs up in the air
As you pluck and sing your pretty little song
Can it be?
A new harmony appears
Why can’t you hear your sister sing along?

Take a look at yourself
You think you know what you’re doing
All these friends you’re accruing
Won’t be around when you fall
Take a look at yourself
You think you know what you’re doing
All these friends you’re accruing
Aren’t going to miss you at all

There’s a name
Buried deep within your mind
Of a correlation vanished over time
How can you
Be so incomplete yet fine?
To share with me a womb but not a life
Track Name: Funk Night
Clasp your hands together baby
Supplicate and pray
That which you fear is manifest today
It finds you in the darkness
And it breathes into your ear
Whispering words that you don’t want to hear

It crawls inside your mouth at night
And wakes you with a start
Its ugly hand is pressed against your heart
It drags you screaming from your bed
Repenting all your sins
And with this knife it decorates your skin

It follows you when you go out
And forces you to run
It chases you until its work is done
And when you think you’re far away
And pleasure might ensue
Its loathsome figure clambers into view

It takes you to the darkest place
That dwells within your mind
It finds your soul and sticks its tongue inside
It magnifies those tiny doubts
That linger in your head
And when it’s done you wish that you were dead

It takes your favourite melody
And winds it round your brain
And plays it to you over and over again
It takes your favourite melody
And winds it round your brain
And forces you to scream out loud in pain
Track Name: I Went To See Your Doctor
Are your eyes a little bloodshot?
Is your skin a shade too pale?
Are you drinking more than usual?
Is your temperature off the scale?
Are your nerves all cut to pieces
From a life lived on the edge?
I can see what time you’re going to bed
From my position in your hedge

I went to see your doctor
And she handed me this letter
You’ve got to take me... three times a day
Until you’re feeling better
Morning, noon and night- time
Just before you eat
You’ve got to pop me… inside your mouth
We’ll get you back on your feet

As you labour down your driveway
I can tell you’re far from right
Is it hard to face the daytime
When you’re getting up all night?
Do your ankles give you hell
From too much time spent on your feet?
You need some more of my special cure
I’m putting you on repeat

Are your children giving you migraines
With their never-ending din?
Is your husband clinically depressing you
With his idiotic grin?
Are you getting slightly short of breath?
Is your skin both moist and cool?
You looked slightly anaemic
At the local swimming pool
When the sickness takes you
And your elegance is blemished
We may not have the chemistry, girl
But I’ll still be your chemist

When you’re feeling better
And your beauty re-inforced
Don’t throw away the bottle, baby
You’ve got to complete the course
Morning, noon and night-time
You can take me without appointment
Pop my pill or better still
Use me as an ointment

Run away Marry me
Show some benediction
Let the best man tell the tale
Of how you got me on prescription
Track Name: Little Foxes
So lead us not into temptation
You know you should have run run run back to your son
What harm resides in a conversation?
Well show me how our spirit stays strong
When our flesh is one

This is a chronicle
Of a man who lost it all
Was it possible
That he shunned the sacred call?
Was he prodigal?
He didn’t comprehend at all
The parable
Of a vineyard and man’s fall
Track Name: Ode To A Beatnik
Cityscape, concrete tower
Snowy yard or dying flower
The objects of your eye reveal
The wonder you possess
Burn your prayers on the floor
Be my Muse forever more
Singing in a city garden
In your pretty dress

It’s just to say that I’ve been thinking of you
I get distracted by the things that you do
I pray to God that you are thinking of me
But I can’t see this ending happily
It’s just the way that I’ve been thinking of you
I get distracted by the things that you do
I pray to God that you are thinking of me
But I can’t see this ending happily

Beauty is ephemeral
But yours is nailed into my wall
Oh Mother Mary help me find my
Castle in the sky
Flower child in silhouette
Come and fly into my net
So long as stars will shine so shall I
Look you in the eye

Stretched out by a window in the sunshine
With your finger pointing to the sky
Oh how I get a thrill from your double exposure
Your subtle composition gets me high
Track Name: We Should Have Kissed
Father please forgive me
For I strayed beyond your path
Absolve me from this final act of love
How did a life of jubilance and union sublime
Begin with bells but terminate in blood?

You found your life back right where it started
You put your dreams back in the bag
You saw a young man smile at a newborn child
And put your head in your mother’s lap
You didn’t know then how life would hurt you
You couldn’t see what lay ahead
You hadn’t met me. I hadn’t met you
We should have kissed goodbye instead

In my hour of happiness
Doubt began to rise
Aching thoughts my mind could not allay
For how can such perfection be maintained in its true form?
Before it all begins to slip away

I saw the briefest wandering
Of her eye the other day
The slightest hint of musing undisclosed
Oh Lord I cannot share her with another on this earth
So take from me this bounty you bestowed
Track Name: Fan Club
I can’t believe that fate would so reward us
To spend our lives together, just us two
Oh blessed end to my infatuation
A dream come true for me if not for you

I dedicate this new intoxication
To all the freaks and bachelors combined
There’s nothing much that you can do
It’s your turn baby to be blue
It’s obvious that only fools are kind

My angel how I love you from certain angles
Your heart will always beat for me alone
No longer will you turn away or tempt me from afar
The order of the world is overthrown

I hope that you are touched by my devotion
Our lives are bound together I can tell
How nice of you to stay so long
And do you like my latest song?
Blink once for yes and twice for yes as well

Let’s celebrate this marriage of convenience
Obliterate all traces of the past
We’ll listen to my demos til the morning sun doth rise
I’ve found my captive audience at last
Track Name: Meet Single Girls In My Area
Meet single girls in my area
You've got to meet single girls in my area
Track Name: Carnal Vindicator
I caressed your upper leg
While you tried to boil an egg
I paused by the nightwear store
You started talking about the war

I'm the carnal vindicator
You said fine I'll see you later
I'm the fleshly joy supporter
You're imbibing tonic water

I eyed up erotic ices
You complained about the prices
I call you my sexy baby
You use words like Hmm and Maybe

I'm the filthy binge inviter
Looking for an overnighter
I'm the wanton lust upholder
You're the queen of the cold shoulder

I eat mangos with my hand
You prefer your peaches canned
I serve food with saucy dressing
You're engrossed in Doris Lessing

I dressed smart like Cary Grant
You went off to phone your Aunt
I set the mood with some Barry White
You turned round and said goodnight
Track Name: Monsters Of Pop
Of centrespread and hotel bed
Our lives revolved around
The teenage scream that fuelled my dream
Oh far and distant sound

Renown and adulation
Are burning at the stake
From VIP to OAP
The path I’m loathe to take

You can lead a horse to water
But you can’t head back in time
You might make gold from the songs of old
But your soul will never be revived

Put your money in a bad investment
Put your faith in our ageing bones
We’ll be showing off our post-punk mindset
In the grounds of a stately home

To leave a corpse so young and fair
Your legacy assured
A weakness for indulgence
Couldn’t put me to the sword

My star that evanescent was
Cannot you rise once more
Euphoria forsook me
Back in 1984

We’re despoiling our seminal album
As we sink to new depths of bland
There’s a gurgling sound where our craftship drowned
We’re more lousy than our tribute band

It’s the actual original line-up
Apart from the bass and drums
We’ve got the words on a sheet lying next to our feet
With a font size of 81

So unplug the jukebox
That music’s lost its taste
But how can we refuse you
When your love is so misplaced

Authentic and delightful
Are those new bands that you shun
Let’s wallow in nostalgia
And fill my pension fund

There’s a bad bout of retrospection
There’s a melody causing pain
You should be looking at time
For a three chord crime
And abuse down memory lane

Watch the songs of your youth get murdered
In a parody worse than death
Hear an 8-minute bass funk workout
While the singer’s getting back his breath

Bring a foldable picnic blanket
And a bored-looking grandchild too
Put your hands in the air from your striped deckchair
As if there’s nothing better to do

There’s a tear in the space-time continuum
Where the bands of old crawl through
The monsters of Pop refuse to drop
And they’re coming to a town near you
Track Name: Shout Into The Sky
You can fire your choicest smile in my direction
You can try and catch my eye across the street
You can hope to re-establish a connection
You can grumble that your life is incomplete

You can run
You can cry
You can shout into the sky
You can squeeze a year of hurt into a day
You can try saying hello
Visit places where I go
There’s a price that you will always have to pay

You can hire the Philharmonic to serenade me
You can write my name in smoke across the sky
You can plant a thousand roses in my garden
I will always look straight through you til I die

You can wave from afar
You can flicker like a star
But you’ll never see the world as it must be
You can search for the past
For something that couldn’t last
There will never be a path from you to me

You can sit in the congregation
You can wonder if the Lord is on your side
You can think back to that conversation
When our friendship finally petered out and died

You can fill your life with other peoples' wisdom
You can flaunt your stolen poems every day
I will blow it all apart, this appropriated art
You’re an empty soul with nothing much to say

With her baby
She's a baby
On her hands and knees
Trying to be a mother
So she can have another
I've got to leave